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Amilyennek a tésztának lennie kell


Show kitchen

With us, in the cavalcade of scents, you can see how your food is prepared!


Hungarian ingerients

We source most of our ingredients from domestic producers, fresh, hand-picked


Familiar flavors rethought

With us, even the Cvekedli is like it was made by Grandma, but still like you've never eaten before.

About us

Although we also made food in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, we had to realize that it was good at home, but best at home. So we moved back to our hometown, Nyíregyháza, where we would like to bring our recipes we have learned, experienced and perfected over the years, spiced with local flavors and local ingredients, to everyone. In Cvekedli - true to its name - the well-known Hungarian pasta dishes come to the pasta fans in rethought, but in Hungarian portions and at Hungarian prices (and if you weren't a pasta fan, then you will be). No one leaves here hungry!

Cvekedli Nyíregyháza


Gabulya Eric Sebastian Cvekedli Nyíregyháza Chef

Gabulya Eric Sebastian


Eric started his career 10 years ago in the long-standing Gerbeaud, after which he worked continuously in the ranks of Onyx, one of the best restaurants in Budapest.

His experience abroad as a sous-chef at Gauthier Soho London and Alo Restaurant Toronto is a guarantee that only the best quality food can be delivered to you.

Gabulya Máté Regő Cvekedli Nyíregyháza Étteremvezető

Gabulya Máté Regő

Restaurant manager

At the Stand and Gauthier Soho in London, He was responsible for making the meal an experience and leaving all guests satisfied..

The guest comes first anytime, paying attention to every little thing so that you can get only the best from us!

Kitchen secrets

How are our dishes prepared?

Always fresh

Our dishes are made from pasta and fresh ingredients made that day

Carefully selected ingredients

From local producers, selected by us

Best ingredients

From domestic producers, selected by us


You can also choose our dishes with gluten-free pasta

Show kitchen

Your food is being prepared in front of you

Pet friendly place

We love pets, feel free to bring it with you!

Seasonal selection

We come with new products and a seasonal offer every season


Are you in a hurry? Order in advance by messenger or phone and pick it up at us!

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